Students fill dorms to capacity

Students won’t be enjoying room service after this year’s move-in day, nor will three of them be cramped into a space designed for two.

After school began last fall, 18 students were assigned to rooms in a hotel and 25 rooms were triple-bunked in the dorms. Then University Housing Director Matt Brown decreased the number of returning students who could live on campus and make apartment information readily available.

This year, no students have been assigned temporary hotel stays or tripling in the University Suites, but housing is at capacity, said Pete Trentacoste, who was named interim director for University Housing after Brown moved to the dean of students position.

The cap on returning students who were allowed to live on campus was lowered to 500 last year, which allowed more space for new students.

“That cushion allowed us to not have to use the hotel or triple students,” Trentacoste said.

Almost 1,400 students moved into campus housing the week before school started. A few students have been temporarily assigned to stay with resident assistants, who normally live alone.

“We have a much better scenario this year,” Trentacoste said.