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Rules of the Roundabout

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With the opening of the Northern Kentucky University’s new roundabout at the intersection of Nunn and University drives, NKU has released a set of rules for drivers to follow.

1 Yield to vehicles already within the roundabout and always turn right into or out of the roundabout.

2 If it’s safe to enter the roundabout, there’s no need to stop; and once you’re in the roundabout, don’t stop.

3 Speed limit within the roundabout is 20 mph and Be cautious of large trucks within the roundabout – they make wide turns.

4 Clear the way and yield to all emergency vehicles in the safest manner possible.

5 Cars approaching or exiting the roundabout shall yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks.

6 Pedestrians and bicycles shall follow paths around the roundabout and shall never travel to its center area.

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Rules of the Roundabout