Parking policies preferential

I’m going into my third year at Northern Kentucky University, and I absolutely love campus. It’s small but diverse, warm and inviting, yet tastefully selective.

I am writing to you to discuss parking permits. Too many students are outraged by the increasing prices and steady decline in parking spots. I have decided to voice my concerns.

Will you please explain to me several things?

First, why do prices for the permits continue to go up, yet the spaces are dwindling? It’s not just that no more lots are being built, it’s that several are actually being taken away! This is ludicrous.

I firmly believe in “supply and demand,” but with goods and products, not schooling and parking spots.

Secondly, if my tuition goes to pay for my professors, then why are they parking closer than I am? I pay them!

I pay to keep NKU going, so why can’t I get a closer spot? Something seems wrong here. Prices are going up and available parking spots are becoming a thing of the past. I don’t know about my fellow commuters, but I know about myself. Getting a spot on campus and still managing to have time to walk the fifteen minutes (on a campus that is only a ten-minute walk from the two buildings furthest apart) to class has become a sport. I’ve gotten very good at it, I might add.

I, like many other commuters, am a “parking lot stalker.” Yes, if I see people leaving Landrum and heading to my lot, I will follow them to their cars in hopes of finding the treasure that so many are seeking: A parking spot! This could be dangerous however, since I am not the only one doing this. Its only a matter of time until one of these “stalkers” gets overly excited about his or her new found parking spot, and accidentally hits another car, or (gasp) a person.

That is easily preventable, though. There are two choices to keep us all in one piece, or at least happy anyway: Give us more lots, or keep the parking permit prices down. We’re already getting our insides torn out by the nickel and diming from the book companies.

Something has to be done about this problem! Otherwise, I might start sleeping in my car just so I know I will get a parking spot that is actually in the 41099 ZIP code!

Holly Jackson junior elementary education