Class enrollment finishes Aug. 24

As most upperclassmen know — and many freshman learn, students at Northern Kentucky University can’t just drop and add a classes on a whim. The NKU policy prevents students from enrolling in a class after the first week of the semester.

The deadline to register for a class is Aug. 27. If a student has not added the class before that date, the chances of getting in are slim. Students can drop classes up to 10 weeks into the semester.

Some students, like Evan Hillebrand, an undeclared freshman, don’t agree with that policy. “It’s not really that fair because if you need to drop, you should be able to add,” Hillebrand said.

There are several reasons for this policy, said Mary Huening, the assistant director of the Academic Advising Center. For students entering a class, she said it’s not in their best interest to come in after the first week.

Huening said enrolling in a class late “puts the student at a disadvantage” because students have already missed three hours of the class, and will be behind the other students. To catch up, students will either have to make up the work on their own, or schedule time to meet with their professor.

Ashley Brown, a junior elementary education major, agrees that it is difficult to catch up after adding a class late. “One time I added a class on the last day and I was so behind,” Brown said.

“If you are really good at that subject it shouldn’t be that hard (to catch up),” Hillebrand said. “But if it’s something you are not familiar with, you might have a harder time.”

Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances, Huening said. Exceptions vary according to the situation, and very few are made.

While students can drop classes up to 10 weeks into the semester, they need to be aware of deadlines.

Dropping a class affects not only how it appears on the transcript, but also tuition. The last day to drop, and not get charged, is Aug. 27.

Students who do not want a grade to show on their transcript must drop the class by Sept. 10. Students will receive a 50 percent tuition adjustment on this date.

The last chance to drop a class with a “W” on a transcript, meaning withdrawal from the class, is Oct. 29. There is no tuition adjustment at this point.