School is worth the work

Thank God, it’s finally here. Only one week left, and we’ll be home free! No more tests, group projects, PowerPoint poisoning, homework, parking free-for-alls or sleep-deprived drives to Northern Kentucky University!

Finally, we can relax. Another semester down.

But, even as the year ends and everyone’s tossing away their textbooks and notes in favor of swimsuits and sunscreen, I want to ask you to do something.

I know this semester is almost finally over, but I want you to start looking ahead to the next one. I don’t mean scheduling ? hopefully you’ve done that already.

No, I’m talking about returning to school in the fall. If you’re not a senior, then you have no reason not to.

Sadly, too many students think they do. NKU’s Office of Institutional research reported that only 40 percent of students graduating in the 2005-06 school year did so in fewer than seven years. Same holds true for 2006-07.

The majority of those who don’t complete their education are freshman. In the fall 2003 semester, 4,172 freshmen enrolled at NKU. In the fall of 2004, only 2,257 remained, while the 4,042 freshmen who started that semester dwindled to only 2,561 in fall 2005.

Some of those who dropped out might say, “I had to.” However, among the 1,104 students whom the OIR tracked through their academic stint at Northern, only one had an allowable excuse.

So, if you’re thinking of dropping out, don’t. Period.

I’m not going to play “mom” and remind you that people in Africa are dying to take your place and eat your spinach. That argument lost its effectiveness long ago ? they are welcome to my spinach.

Nor am I going to pull the philosophical-professor card and lecture you about how an education enriches your global perception and whatnot.

Because let’s face it, there’s only one thing we’re interested in enriching ? our bank accounts.

So instead I’m going to explain how a college degree makes money for you.

Your bank account may already be on life support, so you might be thinking that work is more important. It isn’t. Period. Flipping burgers or waiting tables may pay the bills, but they won’t build your r