Conceal/carry law would make campus safer

With all of the debate caused by the tragedy at Virginia Tech last week, I am surprised that more people are not concerned with the school’s weapon policy. Unfortunately, I was unable to find Northern Kentucky University’s policies on this matter, but a gun-free school is not a safe environment for students. Lunatics don’t listen to reason and they will ignore a sticker on a door stating that it is against the law to enter a school with a weapon.

That is why it is a responsibility of licensed gun owners to carry weapons even into places that are “gun-free.” You can obtain a conceal/carry permit with adequate training and I encourage more students to do so and ensure a safe learning environment. Last year, Virginia Tech installed a “gun-free” policy. The state of Kentucky allows a university to choose to allow conceal/carry-licensed personnel to carry weapons on campus. Even if NKU restricts this, I encourage responsible students to disobey that restriction in the best interest of their fellow students.

Just imagine what would have happened if two students popped up with weapons of their own in this tragedy.

By making a law or passing a stringent restriction on weapon control, these Universities are giving fanatics an opportunity to have free reign with no opposition. We cannot depend only on police. Sometimes, there is no time to wait for help. It may be rare, but sometimes citizens are needed to stop fanatics. Let’s even the playing field.

Shaun Fugate senior political science