Campuses report bomb threats in wake of VA Tech

A southern Indiana man was arrested on charges of giving false information concerning a bomb threat against the University of Louisville.

James A. Huber, 20, of Clarksville, was arrested Monday night by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Huber is accused of reporting to the university last April 19 that he had received an e-mail from an unidentified sender that read, “There is a bomb at your university, hope you find it.”

He allowed the FBI to examine his laptop computer, and agents determined Huber created the e-mail address and sent the threat to himself at another e-mail account.

Huber, a sophomore at the university, admitted creating the address and sending the threat, according to the complaint.

Law enforcement officials did not know Huber’s motivation for sending the threat, Agent Tracy Reinhold said at a news conference April 17.

“The idea that to communicate this kind of threat, whether it’s to get out of school, whether you want to be perceived as a hero, the amount of resources that are expended and the perceived danger to the faculty and the student population of the university will not be tolerated,” Reinhold said.

Reinhold also said the threat by Huber reflects incidents across the United States following the shooting spree at Virginia Tech University last week.

U of L police last week investigated two suspicious packages found on campus, one each on Thursday and Friday.

Last Wednesday, Eastern Kentucky University’s Manchester campus was evacuated after it received a bomb threat.

Huber was released on $25,000 unsecured bond after his initial appearance in federal court Tuesday.

Northern Kentucky University Police said that there have been no reports of bomb threats, or any related event since the Virginia Tech incident.