Protest Neo-Nazi march

Editor’s note: The following letter was received before the white supremacists declared that they were postponing their march through Over The Rhine. However, the Neo-Nazis said that they will march in Over The Rhine soon, but have not announced a date.

I wonder how many students here know the day that Timothy Thomas died, an event that led to the Cincinnati riots in 2001: April 7. This month represents a time in when the people of Cincinnati, specifically African Americans, chose to stand up and show that they would no longer turn a blind eye to the racism that is entrenched within city policy and laws. This month is also scheduled to observe one of the most oppressive and degrading activities since citizens chose to say “no more!” and fight back in 2001.

White supremacists are going to march in Over the Rhine April 20, and I would do anything to see a crowd from Northern Kentucky University there to speak against such ignorance and debauchery; to show that this institution does not tolerate any form of racism or oppression, regardless of our historic roots. There must be a huge counter-protest to prove that residents of Over the Rhine are not isolated with these idiots and that this city is not as racist as it appears. It’s time to change our reputation and show this group that it will not be welcomed in our city to intimidate our neighbors. Let’s make it a point to show our faces and prove we are not racist, and that we will not just sit by and let this group further its hateful message. Get involved and extinguish this group.

Chrissy L. Hensley Senior Sociology