SGA has had many achievments

It has been an honor to serve the students of Northern Kentucky University for a fourth term in the Student Government Association and I am eager to continue representing students for another year in the SGA Senate. Currently, I am a senator in the Finance Committee and also represent students on the Transportation Advisory Committee of the university. In fact, Parker LaBoiteaux and I have actively collaborated with university officials to address parking concerns and have made progress, such as keeping garages free for students.

In all honesty, this year has been more productive for SGA due to quality leadership with proven results.

The leadership of SGA for this year has made great advancements by working with the university administration rather than for them. Josh Ruth has lived up to his pledge of making SGA something that students can be proud of by serving as a voice of the students on the University Board of Regents, rather than a voice of the university administration. Liz Osborne has increased the visibility of SGA dramatically and Sheree Davis has kept senators informed on procedures so they can have successful discussions in the SGA meetings. But there is one person on the Executive Board of SGA who has really impressed me with her diligent dedication to the students this past year.

Alyse Bender, currently serving as Vice President of Student Involvement, alerted members of SGA to the problems that student organizations encounter when seeking funding. This led SGA to seek $150,000 in additional funding for these organizations and acquiring $100,000. At the SGA Spring Retreat in January, she also addressed that club sports organizations take a large portion of the funds available to student organizations. After hearing this, I drafted a resolution that was approved by the Senate requesting $50,000 in funding to be given specifically to club sports and, thereby, increase the amount of funds available to smaller organizations.

Though many students desire to experience different cultures from around the world, they often find that their financial situation limits participation in Study Abroad programs. SGA aspired to remedy this and requested $150,000 be allocated towards Study Abroad Programs.

In reference to past years of SGA, I have come to the conclusion that SGA was experiencing a “dark age.” Similar to the campus environment, apathy seemed to be the mentality of many members and only a few sought to be actively involved. This year has been the dawn of a renaissance in SGA and I wish to continue this momentum into next year. I would appreciate the support of the students and look forward to serving with the newly-elected members next year.

Michael “Big Mike” Tobergta SGA Senator