Candidates challenge chalking referendum

Two students, who are also Student Government Association senator candidates, are currently working to remove a referendum from the SGA election ballot that asks students “Are you in favor of allowing chalking on campus as a form of free expression?”

Alex Kindell, editor of The Lost Cause, and Eric Cranley, president of the College of Republicans, have both appealed the referendum because they state it is “unconstitutional.”

Cranley filed an appeal April 10. He wrote in his appeal that in accordance with the SGA Constitution, a referendum is “to be held no sooner than 15 official school days and no later than 30 official school days for the purpose of voting on a measure.” Cranley points out that because the referendum was initially introduced during the March 26 SGA Senate meeting, the referendum can take place no earlier than April 16.

Kindell filed her appeal on March 27, one day after the referendum was proposed and unanimously passed during the SGA meeting. “My main claim is the SGA had no constitutional grounds to file the referendum,” Kindell said.

She was also never granted a hearing to voice her claim, a direct violation of the Constitution, which states, “If a student concludes that an action of the Student Government Association is unconstitutional, he/she may appeal in writing, by means of the dean of students to the Judicial Council, which shall review the appeal and decide the same. The Judicial Council must conduct a hearing and render a decision on such render a decision on such an appeal within 10 official school days after the appeal is submitted