Oldham to run for SGA Senate

Editor’s note: The following is a letter from a candidate for Northern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association. It does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate by The Northerner.

As a concerned member of the campus community, I am announcing that I am running for the Student Government Association Senate. I want to be a part of the decision-making process affecting our campus community. I feel I can offer leadership and serve as a voice for student concerns, as I am willing to carefully consider all viewpoints before coming to a position, even if some viewpoints differ from my own. I have a variety of concerns that match those of other students. Parking is a pain and getting residency on campus is very difficult, and these issues are made even more difficult by the fact that there isn’t an easy or immediate solution in sight. Other issues that I feel are important to all of us include recycling and other environmentally friendly practices on our campus. NKU should be a leader in promoting environmental awareness in our area and I support the work that Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students is doing in that regard.

I am also a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights, including free speech, as evidenced by my participation in and leadership of several free speech events on campus and the revision of the new free speech policy. My track record shows I am a person who is willing to tackle difficult issues and work them to resolution.

We need more, not less, dialogue on campus, and need to encourage broader participation by women, minority, disabled and international students in order for us to gain a more complete understanding of others. I’d like to encourage our community to grow stronger and more tolerant of diverse thought and opinion while we’re growing in size and in scope. I am also a very grounded, logical, and rational person who can sort out what is practical and realistic for our campus community, and thus help guide our university in the right direction by representing student perspectives fairly and honestly. Thank you for your consideration.

Benjamin Oldham junior environmental science