Music Review MIMS

Brett Johnson, Associated Press

Rapper MIMS has stolen the thunder from more than one New York MC. While Papoose and Saigon, two of the prematurely anointed saviors of East Coast hip-hop, await their major label release dates, MIMS’s massive radio hit “This Is Why I’m Hot” has made him a national star.

Ironically, that breakthrough track owes more to Dirty South, molasses-drip funk than any Rotten Apple-style sample-based beat. And MIMS dialectical boasts “I’m hot cause I’m fly/ you ain’t cause you not” recalls Yung Joc’s minimalism rather than Jay-Z’s poetry.

On his solid debut, “Music Is My Savior,” MIMS manages to find a happy medium between rap’s regional and stylistic extremes. His cocky, deliberate flow sounds at home over the rolling G-funk of “Big Black Train.” And on “They Don’t Wanna Play” featuring Bun B and Seed, MIMS is all gun-busting bravado amid the warped vocal snippets, glistening synths and Southern bounce.

But the unavoidable success of “This Is Why I’m Hot” looms large over the disc. “Superman” is a similarly hook-heavy shot of bombast with MIMS proclaiming: “I’m fly, I’m fly.” The ditty’s bare-bones beat is nearly as irresistible as his signature hit, and perhaps proof that if MIMS keeps echoing his worth, we soon might all be believers.