The Good, The Bad and The Weird


Northern Kentucky University will be hosting a lecture by Todd Murray, an HIV/AIDS activist, and free HIV testing April 12 in the Otto M. Budig Theater. According to the press release, the HIV tests only take 20 minutes and will be offered after Murray’s lecture. The goal is to inform young adults, who constitute half of all new HIV infections.


A 42-year-old man in Teleford, England used his Web cam to send video of him hanging himself while using a chat room, a Fox News affiliate reported March 23. The man, a father of two, was found by police, who had been alerted by another person in the chat room.


A 68-year-old man in Waterville, Maine lost his dentures after a crafty mouse made off with them, reported March 24. The man had captured the rodent on three separate occasions, but the animal escaped every time. The man recovered the dentures, but has yet to remove the mouse from his house.