Teach students how to manage money

Public high school education in Kentucky is horrible and not getting better anytime soon. In the upcoming Governor race, education is finally an issue. Businessman Billy Harper says that education is bad in Kentucky and throwing money at the problem isn’t going to make it go away. I agree. Our system is broken. Education is not simply lacking in math, reading and science, but also in financial knowledge, automobile care, and personal or family care.

A minority of high schoolers will go to college but nearly all will have children, a car, and eventually need to know how to use money properly. College freshmen are enticed by credit cards that are magically supposed to boost your credit score(myth) yet you pay around 20 percent APR. Students drive on campus in brand new model cars which are way too much for them to afford now or even when they have much better incomes. Finally, many young people are having children that they are unable to care for. Only a couple decades ago, high schools not only taught trig and Algebra, but also taught you how to care for a car, a family, yourself, and your pocketbook. We need to get back to that.

Shaun Fugate senior political science