UP arrests student, takes two to hospital

University Police arrested a “belligerently intoxicated” student and responded to a medical request for a female who wanted to go to the hospital after drinking a large amount of alcohol at approximately 8:20 p.m. March 19, according to UP Chief Harold Todd.

Police arrested Meghan L. Curry after observing her being “almost carried” through campus by a male. The officer stopped the two for questioning and Curry allegedly began “violently yelling” at the officer, according to Todd.

The officer reported she was uncooperative and yelled obscenities. She was arrested for public intoxication.

Minutes later, officers responded to a medical call to 1216 Oak in Woodcrest Apartments, where they discovered the student who requested medical assistance and another intoxicated female who was “falling down and couldn’t answer any questions,” Todd said. Both students are over 21 years old. The officers called for an ambulance and the women were transported to St. Luke Hospital East.

The two women couldn’t answer officers’ questions of their names, where they lived or how much they had been drinking. Officers also found alcohol in the apartment.

Todd said arrests for intoxication are not as common as citations. In 2005, UP issued 60 citations for liquor law violation and made one arrest. UP doesn’t usually arrest students who are over 21 for the violations unless they refuse to cooperate with police, Todd said.