The Good, The Bad and The Weird


HIV may soon have not only a vaccine, but a cure as well, an NBC affiliate reported March 8. Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta have been developing an HIV vaccine that has not only prevented HIV transmission among simians, but also caused the virus to go into remission in apes that are already infected. It could be ready in three to four years.


A 24-year-old community college dropout has been posing as a respected Wikipedia editor, who claimed to be a tenured university professor specializing in theology and canon law, Britain’s Telegraph reported March 7. He has contributed to more than 20,000 articles and was recruited by Wikipedia staff, who apparently didn’t check his credentials.


A city council in Swindon, U.K., demanded that an author purchase a $5 million insurance policy in case customers drops his book on their feet or gets a paper cut. They won’t let his book sell in the town’s tourist center without a policy, the Daily Mail reported Feb. 24. The 300-page book, which covers WWI, has already been removed.