Punk to raid The Poison Room

An online community with a social conscience is set to showcase some of Cincinnati’s top local musical talent. Cincypunk Fest VI, which was created through the Web site www.cincypunk.org, will be happening at the Poison Room March 21 through 24. All proceeds from the multi-day festival will go to support the YMCA Camp Ernst scholarship program, which provides 250 children with the ability to attend summer camp.

“I’d definitely say there’s a wide variety of people who come out to our shows,” said Adam Rosing, the man behind Cincypunk Fest and an NKU graduate. “It’s not limited to the punk genre,” said Rosing, who’s packed this year’s line-up with some of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s top indie, metal, punk, reggae and rock-a-billy bands.

Rosing, who does all of the booking for the four-day festival, said it wouldn’t be possible without the bands. “Everyone’s enthusiastic, just because we have a reputation of it being a good time,” Rosing said. “The bands are very generous with their time.”

This is quite a feat for someone who simply loves local music. Rosing doesn’t play an instrument, nor has he ever been in a band. “(Fans of the festival and Web site) have a picture in their mind of what they expect me to look like,” Rosing said. Most expect your stereotypical punk rocker with a studded leather jacket and a Mohawk, “But I’m just a normal guy,” Rosing added, who claims he’s just a T-shirt and jeans kind of person.

This year’s festival will feature performances from 54 bands on both stages of the Poison Room, which is located at 301 W. Fifth St. in downtown Cincinnati. The Poison Room has two separate stages; The Poison Stage is located in the downstairs portion of the two-story club, and the Toxic Stage occupies the upstairs. Both stages will be running for the course of the festival except for Wednesday, March 21, which will have bands performing on only the downstairs stage. “The way the Poison Room is setup, it kind of fits what we’re doing perfectly,” Rosing said. Some of his other festivals have been housed at venues such as the Southgate House, Sudsy Malones and the Void.

This festival will be Cincypunk’s sixth, but only the fourth that Rosing will be managing. Combined, the other three festivals he has organized have raised over $8,500 for various charities, including Lighthouse Youth Services, the Women’s Crisis Center and the Mental Health Association. This year’s festival will benefit the scholarship program that allows inner city youths the chance to attend summer camp at Camp Ernst. “In the past, we’ve always gone with charities, local charities that we felt were worthy causes,” Rosing said. “Obviously, pretty much every charity is a worthy cause. They focus on younger kids and we’ve never really worked with a charity like this before.”

“The festival, it’s a very DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mindset,” said Rosing. Although typical media are still being used to help promote the event, CDs featuring local talent are being handed out instead of flyers, which helps to spread the buzz surrounding the event.

This festival will once again show the area what Cincinnati’s music scene is made of. “Do you know that there’s local music in your city that’s just as good as some of the stuff on these national tours?” Rosing asked. He desires to reach those who go to shows at only Bogarts and Riverbend, and simply inform them that the Cincinnati area has some amazing bands who deserve their attention.

“The payout is worth it,” Rosing said. While organizing the festival can be stressful, the outcome makes the work worth it. “Just seeing people get excited about local music- it’s worth it.”

Cincypunk Fest VI will be at the Poison Room March 21 through 24. The event costs $3 on March 21, and $6 every night after that. If you’re under 21, add an extra buck to get through the door. Cincypunk Fest VI is an all-ages event.


March 21: $3 for 21+, $4 for 20 and under The Poison Stage Gill Green The Seedy Seeds Atomic Johnny The Lions Rampant Covington Kicks of Passion

The Toxic Stage Free Chipotle Burritos!!!

March 22: $6 for 21+, $7 for 20 and under The Poison Stage Thee Alliance Down Hill Luke Hats Off Lourds The Starkweathers Straw Boss Duppy a’ Jamba

The Toxic Stage The FiveNineties Margin of Error Team Stray The Epidemic Eighty Sixed Cohorts and Accomplices

March 23- $6 for 21+, $7 for 20 and under The Poison Stage Good Morning Gladys Sayonara Tiger Crybaby Caterpillar Tracks Kill City The Spunks Thistle Sweet Ray Laurel 500 Miles to Memphis

The Toxic Stage The Catalinas Periscopes The Frankl Project Lost Hands Found Fingers A Voice Like Rhetoric ArcArsenal Knife the Symphony Eatafetus Trio

March 24: $6 for 21+, $7 for 20 and under The Poison Stage Defaced Humanity The Read The Pinstripes Northern Southern Turnbull ACs Ampline Alone at 3am Shotgun on Blonde TBA

The Toxic Stage The Proles Corruption of Blood Arms Exploding Silver Bridge Disaster Junior Revolution Death in Graceland Seven Orchids Banderas