Police respond to hang-up rape report

A woman called the University Police emergency number March 18 at about 1:30 a.m. and reported that she’d been raped in a Norse Hall apartment.

Then, she hung up.

She didn’t give her name, her assailant’s name or her address; only the room number where she was allegedly raped.

“A lot of facts don’t add up,” UP Chief Harold Todd said. “It may have been a prank.”

Officers have other reasons to suspect this may not have been a genuine report. The room number comprised three digits, and all Norse Hall dorms have four. Also, police traced the call to the University Suites lobby phone, said Associate Director of University Housing Peter Trentacoste. No residential assistant was in the lobby at the time of the call.

While it didn’t identify a Norse Hall dorm, the room number matched a room in the University Suites, which, Trentacoste noted, officers visited. Neither inhabitant was aware of the call.

“It makes us question whether this was real or not,” Trentacoste said.

Though the UP has not seen behavior like this before, Todd said the department always treats reports as real claims.

“We’re not taking any chances,” he said.

Nor is Trentacoste, who sent an e-mail March 19 to all residents about the possible rape.

The UP are still investigating and ask anyone with information to call (859) 572-5500. Individuals can submit tips anonymously at UP’s Web site: http://access.nku.edu/dps/