In the hot seat with Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones, junior right-handed pitcher for the Northern Kentucky University Baseball Team, who throws more than 90 mph, is this week’s guest on the Hot Seat.

Tim: What made you decide to come to NKU?

Nathan: I was attracted by being able to pitch to wooden bats and it isn’t too awfully far from home, so my family can come watch me play.

Tim: What is your major?

Nathan: My major is Construction Management.

Tim: Do you like the Champion Window Field?

Nathan: Heck Yeah!! It’s one of the best fields I have ever played on. A close second comes Friendship Field.

Tim: NKU just got back from playing No. 8 Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss. How would you rate your first two innings of work this year?

Nathan: I think my first two innings were good. I’ve been working hard in the off season and now it’s starting to pay off.

Tim: Nathan, the scouts have been watching you throw. Why?

Nathan: I don’t know really, maybe they like what they see.

Tim: How fast do you pitch?

Nathan: I usually set around 90 to 93 mph, but I touch 94 or 95 mph occasionally.

Tim: What pitches do you throw and what pitch do you consider to be your “out” pitch?

Nathan: I throw a fastball, change up, and drop ball (a.k.a. curveball) I usually throw the drop ball in there for the “out pitch”.

Tim: Dizzy Peyton, former pitcher at NKU, is now the pitching coach here. How has he helped you with your pitching?

Nathan: He has helped me tremendously. We meet in the mornings each week to work on drills to help make me a better pitcher.

Tim: What kind of off-season training do you do?

Nathan: During the off-season I like to weight lift, and run as often as I can and throw anytime I can work it in to my schedule.

Tim: Is it true that a pitcher who throws as fast as you do a sure lock to make it to the major leagues?

Nathan: No, the draft is a crazy thing, and unpredictable. Nothing hardly is a sure lock in the draft.

Tim: What sort of signing bonus will you expect?

Nathan: I’m not worried about any signing bonus. I’m concentrated on helping NKU repeating as Great Lakes Valley Conference champions, then winning the regional, and on to the Division II College World Series.

Tim: If you could choose a major league team to play with who would it be?

Nathan: The one and only Cincinnati Reds.