Public Enemy brings the noise to Covington

It’s like a freight train of sound, a sonic-boom bullet between the eyes. Music: simultaneously grating and addictive, a chaotic wall of sound that assaults the senses and delights in the abstract. Message: simple and direct, a forceful insistence of logic and equality for all people. It equates to none other than seminal, iconic and legendary hip-hop giant Public Enemy, and it’s coming to Covington.

That’s right, Public Enemy is coming to Covington on March 7th, 8 p.m., at the Madison Theatre. The group will feature the full compliment of the original Public Enemy lineup including Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff and Terminator X.

The show will be supported by fellow old-school hip-hop giant X-Clan, as well as the Banned, Heat Mob, the Impossebulls, and Lowdown. All in all, not as impressive a lineup as when Ugly Duckling toured with them two years ago, but the real draw is seeing Public Enemy back in action.

This show, simply put, is not to be missed. This, in fact, is much more than just a show. It is a look back into the purer days of hip-hop, a time when mainstream rap had a conscience and a soul, a time when mainstream rap lyrics weren’t restricted to cars, guns, women and money. .Public Enemy represents an era when intelligent political-social thought and the popular music world were not mutually exclusive.

Diehard fan of old-school hip-hop who dream of a day when socially relevant and intelligent hip hop will find its way back from the underground to the mainstream will be counting the days to this show. But for those who are perhaps too young to remember the significance of Public Enemy, this show represents a chance to connect to a stunningly artistic culture that now only exists on the fringe of American culture, and an example of the way hip-hop could still be (and should be) done.

Current local MCs, DJs, and fans of rap, take notes.