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Two stars of TV’s “Lost” were once just that, until two years ago when Dominic Monaghan, 30, and Evangeline Lilly, 27, began their romance. Though the duo kept quiet about their relationship up to this point, Star Magazine reports the two stars are getting married in July. “They’re planning to get married during the show’s summer hiatus in Hawaii,” a source said. This source predicted that the pair’s nuptials would be a “beautiful but low-key” affair. Monaghan asked Lilly to marry him in October; but, in keeping with the pair’s love of privacy, the rest of the cast didn’t find out until recently, the source said.

Ralph Fiennes, the man behind “The English Patient,” joined the mile-high club with a flight attendant aboard a Qantas flight from Australia to India, according to London’s Mail. The tryst took place in an airline crapper last month. “It’s true,” Lisa Robertson told London’s Mail in an “exclusive” interview. “We did make love on the plane that night. At first I denied it because I was so desperate to keep my job and I didn’t want to hurt Ralph.” The in-flight-copulation-fest began with Robertson offending Fiennes by gushing about “The English Patient.” Robertson recalled Fiennes saying, “That was over 10 years ago. Why don’t people value my later work?” Then came a make-out session in a curtained-off crew area, followed by Robertson leading Fiennes into the plane’s potty. “Ralph was a great lover,” Robertson told the Mail. “And I thought, if I was going to get the sack, it would be worth it.” Guess what? She did get the sack. And you know what else? This incident may be indicative of why Fiennes is only known for “The English Patient.”

Quote of the Week:

“If they focus on those, it’s fine with me; my breasts have a career of their own.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt on her assets.

(Star Magazine)