Magazine ranks president No. 13 in Top 100

Northern Kentucky University President James Votruba was recently named No. 13 among the Tri-state’s 100 most powerful people in the February 2007 issue of CincyBusiness magazine.

The list recognizes individuals who have used their “power,” in a positive way in the area.

Votruba, though honored to be mentioned in the CincyBusiness article, quickly acknowledged others who have supported him, worked with him and were connected to the work that he has done.

“I want to recognize the role that my wife, Rachel, has played in my work on campus and in the community,” Votruba said. “I’ve had the good fortune to share my work with some of the most capable and committed people I’ve ever known.”

During his presidency at NKU, Votruba said he has spent much of his time working to increase the growth and progress of NKU and the region, which is why he thinks he was chosen to be among the 100 most powerful people.

“My focus has been on how we can use the knowledge resources of our campus, in partnership with our community, to spur economic and social progress,” Votruba said. “NKU has become a national leader in this arena.”

Kimberly Luse, executive assistant to the president says Votruba is a man of very high integrity.

“The passion that he brings to his work is real. He’s just a wonderful human being because he is genuine,” Luse said.

Vision 2015 is among the highlights of Votruba’s work toward such progress. The goal of Vision 2015 is to make NKU, and all of Northern Kentucky, a place for people to thrive, belong and feel welcome, according to Luse.

“Vision 2015 has been nationally recognized as an exemplary example of the community working together to ensure its future,” said Gail Wells, vice president of Academic Affairs and provost.

“NKU’s leadership on behalf of our students and the entire region has led to unprecedented levels of support,” Votruba said. “These investments have occurred because the university is viewed as a regional, statewide and national leader when it comes to post-secondary education, innovation and impact.”

Votruba is dedicated to the community and has a wonderful sense of humor, Wells said. She said he is one of the most effective leaders she knows and is held in the highest regard by all who know him.

“He is such a good fit for the time and place that we’re in,” Luse said. “It’s like all the stars being in perfect alignment.”