Chase controversy shows exam system flawed

As a Salmon P. Chase College of Law alumnus, I read with interest the article about the recent law school Torts I exam. I don’t know anything about the specific exam, except for what was printed in the article; But suffice it to say whenever one’s entire grade essentially hinges on one exam, where more than one professor teaches the class, and where that class is a core course that can make or break you, there’s always “unrest” and questions about fairness – i.e. one class with an “easier” professor in class-rank/grade competition against one with a “harder” professor, etc.,

I think that law schools as a whole, and the American Bar Association – the accrediting body – need to take a step back and evaluate, more fundamentally, whether the exam process itself is a good assessment of what’s been learned. My opinion is that it’s not.

Edwinna Meister NKU Alumnus 2001 Chase Alumnus 2005 Member of the Kentucky Bar