Catching Z’s on campus

It’s a common conception that college students prioritize their social lives, sports and studying over getting a good night’s sleep – and the evidence is easy to find. Take a stroll through almost any hallway on campus. When Northern Kentucky University students aren’t working on getting A’s, they’re trying to catch some Z’s.

Jacob Davis is one of those students.

“I stay up late at night and I just need to catch a little sleep,” said the senior philosophy and English major. Since the dorms aren’t an option for 90 percent of NKU’s student body – couches, benches, chairs and even the floors make for inviting sleeping spaces. Davis’s place of choice is in the foyer of Founder’s Hall. “It’s generally warmer here and there’s obviously a nice couch,” he said.

But Davis isn’t the only one napping instead of studying. Freshman Aaron Scallion can also be found in Founder’s Hall. “There’s usually no one here. It’s quieter