The Fix

Model Heidi Klum, 33, may make her living by strutting semi-nude down the catwalk, but when it comes to her family, she wears the pants, according to Star Magazine. While Klum’s husband Seal performed at an Audi event in Detroit Jan. 7, the singer fielded cell phone calls “every five minutes from Heidi,” a source said. “If I were Seal, I would have said, ‘Bug off!’ But he never snapped. He listened to her, said he loved her.” One hour later, Seal was on a plane back to Aspen, Colo., where Klum and their three children, were vacationing. “He said he had to get back to Heidi,” the source said. “Talk about a short leash.”

Cincinnati husband David Wiser and his wife Elizabeth Moore were surprised by the friendliness of Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson and long-time boyfriend and “Las Vegas” star Josh Duhamel Jan. 4 in Los Cabos, Mexico, where the famous pair was vacationing. “Fergie was friendly and wonderful with my children when they asked for her autograph,” Moore told Star Magazine. After, playing touch football with the family, Duhamel and Fergie bought everyone a round of Shirley Temples.” Moore said the couple was kind and sweet: “I’ll never forget what they did for my family.”

Singer John Mayer may soon be hitting more than high notes, OK! Magazine reports. He’ll be hitting the gym, too. When his relationship with Jessica Simpson became public New Year’s Eve, Mayer became more concerned with fitness, especially since Simpson’s fit body is known the world over, according to a well-placed source. “He’s working out quite hard when he’s in New York City,” the source said. “The pressure of dating a girl with a famous body is making him worry about his own – and he’s breaking out into a sweat. Literally.” Sigh. If only Jess had the brains to match.

Quote of the Week:

“My secret is that I watch TV twice a year. I’m not a potato sack; I’ve never sat on my couch. If I’m home, I’m