The good, the bad, and the just plain weird

By the numbers: Bush’s approval 28 percent of Americans approve of George W. Bush’s overall performance as president. 49 percent of the world’s population believes that the U.S. plays a mainly negative role in the world. 22 percent of Amerians in 1952 approved of President Harry Truman, who is now considered among the best American presidents. Source: CBS News, BBC News, Boston Globe.

The good NKU’s Theater department will cross the Atlanic to Europe in May for its first international performance in Romania, reported Jan. 22. The 12-member cast will perform “Man of La Mancha.” New world audiences will be able to catch it, as the troupe will perform it at NKU’s Summer Dinner Theatre in July.

The bad Police raided homeless camps in St. Petersburg, Fla., Jan. 19, slicing their tents, some still occupied, with box cutters, knives and scissors, the St. Petersburg Times reported. Videos of officers tearing the camps down have appeared on YouTube, sparking criticism and donations. By Jan. 22, the camps had reappeared.

The weird Coming to a store near you: Underease, a new brand of underwear designed to eliminate odors expelled by one’s nether region, The Sun Online reported Jan. 23. The garments, unofficialled dubbed “gas eaters” by its makers, “relieve the pain without the shame.”