Religious pro-choicer is an oxymoron

Being new to the pro-life position, I attended the recent Pro-Choice Religious Prospective to see if my new view held up. After sitting for a minute, the people next to me asked if I was pro-life. I said, “Yeah,” to which they replied, “Don’t worry, we are too. we are only here because Zaniello made us come.” As I looked around, the crowd was composed of the pro-choice group who sat in the front rows, some other pro-choice people, Professor Zaniello’s women’s studies class, whom she made go for a grade, and several other people there representing different pro-life organizations, including a Catholic priest.

Expecting a religious discussion, I was shocked to find that throughout the entire presentation I didn’t hear the word “God” used once.

Many things in the presentation weren’t accurate or scientifically true. For example, a statement was made that there are more abortions in countries where it is illegal. The statement is false yet unprovable, because no numbers are taken or recorded of women who have illegal abortions because they are indeed illegal. It is an injustice to Northern Kentucky University students to make such statements when one is supposed to be properly informing them.

When the presentation had ended and went to a Q-and-A, there seemed to be a mass exodus straight to the door. After the Q-and-A, I approached a Catholic priest to tell him he asked a good question and not to bother with the slew of insults that one minister had thrown at the Catholic Church.

While talking to the priest, a minister approached him. He apologized to the priest for the comments made by other members of the panel. He then turned and apologized to me for the way that the panel had handled a question I had asked. I discussed with him the inaccuracies of the presentation. When discussing statements made by the rabbi, he simply replied, “She might say that, but she doesn’t really believe it.” A pro-choice lady who had walked up while he and I were talking asked what he said. The minister repeated it and the lady, seemingly steamed, walked off.

In my opinion the presentation wasn’t from a religious perspective, but from people who placed religion to their personal views.

Jesse Presley Sophmore Business