Fashion Spot

The wearing of panty hose has been a point of contention in the fashion world for many years now. Well, maybe not. But panty hose has definitely become taboo where it once was required, due to its association with both the elderly and the frumpy. However, hose can be super-handy in cold weather, regardless of age or fashion-savvy level – which begs the question: to hose, or not to hose?

In my mind, the answer comes down to the color. Let’s review.

Hose in various shades of suntan, nude, white and pink all smack of Easter Sunday, your grandmother or, let’s face it, middle school. Therefore, smart young college students such as yourselves should avoid the aforementioned shades at all costs. Easter Sunday white panty hose is unacceptable professionally and socially, unless you consider Scrabble tournaments a good time.

But not wearing hose can present problems.

Although bare-leggin’ it on a date in the new millennium is perfectly acceptable, doing so on a job interview may not be exactly appropriate. But you still want to avoid Easter Sunday. The solution? Black, sheer panty hose. Not opaque. Sheer. Pairing black sheer panty hose with business casual attire says exactly what you want it to say: classy professional.

Keeping that in mind, black sheer panty hose can also transfer to your social life, or more specifically, your little black dress. Pick up the kind with back seams to add that extra smack of 1950s’ bombshell sexiness to your nighttime ensemble.

Another nighttime acceptable hose, depending again on occasion, is the fishnet. (Color rules still apply.) You definitely do not want to rock the black fishnets at your next formal, but for a night of dancing at Metropolis, they’ll do.

You can pick up your black sheer back-seamed panty hose at local department stores, Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood, for prices ranging from $10 to $20.

Remember, in this case, don’t think pink. Or white. Or suntan. Well, you get the idea.