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Some Hollywood couples may seem doomed to repeat past mistakes; namely, one another. But actress Reese Witherspoon stands firm in her decision to divorce ex-husband Ryan Phillippe. Phillippe, however, isn’t that smart. A source close to Witherspoon told Star Magazine that Phillippe’s been trying to heal the breach. “He’s admitted he made a colossal mistake with (Australian actress) Abbie Cornish, and has apologized profusely,” the source said. “He’s proposed everything from getting back together but living separately to taking baby steps and dating again.” Witherspoon is implacable. She’s telling him that “she’s moved on and he should too,” the source said.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Justin Guarini‘s hairpiece. The 2002 American Idol runner-up has chopped off his curly ‘fro and put some fake hair on his front hairline in its place, Star Magazine reports. A Rhode Island-based hair transplant surgeon told the magazine: “You can tell in the front that there is a hairpiece. Instead of having a very blunt edge to it, he has glue to attach individual artificial hair to some webbing,” he said. Guarini’s rep denied the claims at first, but then admitted that “he is wearing a wig” so audiences can “differentiate” his “American Idol” look from his character in the movie “Fast Girl,” in which Guarini plays a race car driver’s love interest.

Balancing a tiara on your head can be tricky for anyone, but Miss USA Tara Conner didn’t realize how difficult until her winning stint in NYC, when she almost let her crown slip away. The native Kentuckian partied hard during her reign, to the extent that pageant-owner Donald Trump considered stripping her of her title, OK! Magazine reports. In a Dec. 19 news conference, Trump announced Conner would be able to keep her title as long as she agreed to enter rehab and be drug tested. Miss USA, who turned 21 Dec. 18, attracted press attention after reports surfaced of her drinking underage, using cocaine and kissing Miss Teen USA in public.

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“I look at him and I’m like, ‘You’re hotter than Brad Pitt.’ He’s gorgeous – I can’t stand it.”

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