Northerner needed to cover dialogue and all participants

I was a presenter at the Dialogue on Racism and presented issues on immigration. I focused on undocumented immigrants and courses offered here, at NKU, about Latin America. I was happy to see that the Northerner reported on the Dialogue.

However, I was shocked when the Northerner only mentioned that Latino Student Union Y Amigos presented issues on immigration. It was not discussed any further than that. It was also odd to see my picture in the article and not a picture of the organization’s president who put the event on. Do not get me wrong, I appreciate everything the Northerner has done for NKU; however, sometimes it just does not seem that it is a student publication because of how the Northerner presents issues in its publication.

I want to thank everybody at the Northerner, but wish that more focus could be put on events that better the campus climate, like the Dialogue. It would have been nice for the Northerner to write an article on both sides of the issues when an anti-immigration protest was held here on campus. Thank you for your understanding and I hope we can understand and print all the issues.

Madeline Ann Bailey President Latino Student Union Y Amigos