NKU needs to put its money, and multiculturalism, where its mouth is

First, let me commend you for attending and writing the article on “Forum addresses racial tension.” The article was factual but I believe you left out a lot of the important issues that these fine students were trying to convey. Let me if I may tell you what I heard: I heard a student question the validity of multiculturalism as a core value because of an untenured faculty member feared she may not get tenure if she advocates the availability of race/ gender and multicultural training for faculty. It leads one to agree with the student who referred to the atmosphere at NKU as “Culture of Repression” by the administration.

My question is how could there be a core value of multiculturism if faculty are not trained or have never been trained for that matter. Is new faculty required to have multicultural training before being hired at NKU? If not how are they to be trained? If so, is such training part of criteria stated in the job description for new faculty hires. I just do not believe your article express the heart of the matter. People want to be heard and your paper is a forum for those students. Many due to work load or course load may not be able to attend such meetings but want to be informed on issues which matter to them. According to the article the administration had no comment. I understand being unbiased but shouldn’t the administration have to address issues which effect the lives of people that they are suppose to have their well being at heart. Students of color suffer from the deficiency of multicultural training of the faculty, staff and administration. How can they help if they will not even take the time to develop the knowledge need to address these issues?

Tina M Phillips Sophomore Education