Student groups fail without needed funding

The recent The Northerner article, titled “Organizations Lack Needed Funding, SGA Asks For More,” is very in tuned to what organizations need. As a student at Northern Kentucky University, I am deeply concerned that student organizations do not receive enough funding. I and my friends are involved in several organizations that make our college experience more intriguing. If student organizations do not get the funds they need they will no longer exist.

Many times organizations cannot do as much as they want because of the lack of funds. Incoming students look to student clubs and organizations to get involved in school. They want organizations to have a lot of events planned and make a difference on their campus. According to Student Government Association Senator Kate Brodbeck, “Without funding for conferences, travel or events, many students organizations would never be afforded the opportunities needed for them to grow.” This is just one complaint for the lack of funding.

Student organizations have to resort to less expensive events and trips. They have to raise the money themselves by conducting fund raisers and instigating dues. One thing: fund raisers do not raise enough money at one event and members do no want to pay dues, so groups do not have the extra money. Some fund raisers are successful, but have to be done many times. Also, planning these fund raisers can be difficult, such as when and where to have the fund raiser. Students do not have the extra money to pay dues because of other costs like tuition. They just to do not want to do it.

SGA, being a student organization itself, has the right idea in asking the university administration for more money for student organizations because other methods are not working well. This campus needs student organizations to keep students at Northern Kentucky University and they keep the university intriguing to future students. If we continue to allow our student organizations to be under funded then we could see less activity on campus.

Jennifer Sheriff