Vegetarianism a healthy alternative

Thanks to Melissa Elrod for her informative article about vegetarianism (“Lettuce: It’s what’s for dinner” 11/8/06). Studies have shown that, on average, vegetarians and vegans are at least 10 percent leaner, and live six to 10 years longer, than meat-eaters. The American Dietetic Association has stated that “vegetarians, especially vegans, often have weights that are closer to desirable weights than do nonvegetarians.” According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, an internationally renowned nutrition expert, “The vast majority of all cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other forms of degenerative illness can be prevented simply by adopting a plant-based diet.”

And, considering that each vegetarian saves more 100 animals every year, students who choose to eat plant-based meals can feel confident that they are making humane food choices.

According to a nationwide survey conducted by ARAMARK, a company that provides food to universities and school districts, one out of every four college students wants vegan meals. As a result, ARAMARK and other campus foodservice providers, such as Sodexho Campus Services and Associated Students Food Service, are offering students more vegetarian and vegan options.

I encourage students who want more vegetarian and vegan options on campus to visit for tips on how to “veganize your school cafeteria.”

Heather Moore Senior Writer People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)