Kentucky Cabin Moved

A 150-year-old log cabin was moved this weekend to the grounds of an old state hospital, where it will become the focal point of a new garden project.

The cabin was moved piece by piece to the old Evansville State Hospital grounds, which includes about an acre of land the state donated to the Evansville Master Gardeners.

The group hopes to use the cabin as a showplace for gardening concepts, where area residents can enjoy the scenery and get ideas for their own gardening projects.

“It’s going to be a marvelous addition,” said Wally Patterson, a Master Gardener who is heading up the project.

Owners Jim and Cindy Rexing donated the cabin, which is thought to have been built in the early 1850s by two German immigrants. Volunteers on Saturday dismantled the cabin and moved it across town to its new home.

Madelyn Kraemer, who once owned the cabin, said it was important to preserve the architecture of the structure.

“It couldn’t have been easy doing that with hand tools,” she said.

The Master Gardeners may use the site to feature a rain garden, which would direct rainwater to the garden rather than storm sewers. Other possible idea include alpine, herb and vegetable gardens.

“We’re hoping the public comes and takes a lot of ideas,” Master Gardener Ernie Hicks said. “This will be our big educational platform.”