Different doesn’t mean inferior

After reading “Gay issues prompt controversies” in The Northerner, I was confused because of some of the cruel gestures people were making toward homosexuals on campus.

Not only was it unfair and unjust, but it’s also a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Amendments. Although the topic of homosexuality is a hot topic throughout the United States right now, the people still have a voice for themselves and other people involved with them.

It’s horrible to read about how people who choose this way of life are treated on a welcoming and friendly campus like Northern Kentucky University.

If anyone feels that it is necessary to treat people in a degrading and demeaning way, then they need to realize that everyone has his own sexual preference. Not everyone agrees on everything, but others should respect other people’s beliefs and ideas. Somebody should not have to change his cell phone number or instant-messaging screen name, or avoid accessing Facebook.com in order to avoid harassing messages.

I’m not saying that I am for or against this way of life, but people who make the choice to be a certain way shouldn’t be treated the way this person was.

For example, the person in this article “reported people throwing full cups of soda at him, yelling derogatory phrases in his general direction and being the topic of discussion boards in some Facebook groups.”

People of this way of life are just people who have a different outlook on life and how they want to live their life. Others shouldn’t judge others based on sexual preferences.

Lauren Costello Freshman Undecided