U of L has chemistry to win

University of Louisville Football Team may be the National Champions Jan. 8.

The Cardinals are undefeated (8-0) and have four games left. The recent victory over West Virginia University helped push the Cards into third place in the Bowl Championship Series standings. In first place is Ohio State University (10-0), followed by No. 2 University of Michigan (10-0).

U of L will meet undefeated Rutgers University Nov. 9 for a chance at victory. It’s a very important game for the Cards because if it wins its next four games, it will go to Glendale, Ariz., for the national championship against OSU or UM.

The upcoming game will be at Rutgers Stadium. It is the sixth time the two teams have met. RU holds a 4-1 advantage over the Cards, but in the last meeting, U of L won 56-5 with quarterback Brian Brohm throwing 315 yards and three scores in the victory. Brohm will have to be on top of his game because the Scarlet Knights will be ready to break the Cards’ winning streak.

Once this game has passed, U of L will have three more scheduled games against the University of South Florida, University of Pittsburgh and the University of Connecticut.

Do the Cards have what it takes to win a national championship? Can they beat OSU with its 48 NFL draft picks? According to CBS sportsline.com, the Buckeyes’ coaches are calling the potential matchup between OSU and U of L, “nap time.”

I think they’re undermining the potential of the Cards. It has what it takes to win a title. Right now, it’s undefeated in the Big East Conference. Although it isn’t like the Southeast Conference or the Big Ten (having a few great, top-ranked teams), it’s still worthy. SEC fans are attacking the Cards for its schedule, but according to the Courier-Journal, since 2000, U of L has contacted every SEC school looking to play. Only Georgia has signed up, and the two will play starting in 2010. Vanderbilt recently backed out of a deal, and Kentucky already plays the Cards. No other teams wanted to take on Louisville, which is understandable because U of L has one of the strongest football teams in the nation.

This team also has the talent, chemistry and motivation to get the job done. On uoflsports.com, Brohm gave an interview on the upcoming RU game.

The team gets along and members know each other well enough to keep the chemistry on the field. This group of men is special because it act as a team and work like a team.

“We know we have a lot to play for,” Brohm said. “Everyone seems focused and ready to play.”

Yes they do, and they have a lot to prove. Right now it is getting a lot of smack because of its schedule and the Big East, but if Louisville comes home with a victory Nov. 9, plenty of respect will be given to this program.

Hopefully the Cards will prove it all out on the field at Rutgers Stadium and Arizona.