Student Spotlight: Jodi Kuley

It’s hard to teach and impossible to learn where art comes from. For some, art springs from a muse, while for others it’s derived from within. For Jodi Kuley, a senior graphic design major, that inspiration comes from her family.

“My mother and sister are really into design but never really did anything with it,” she said. “I want to make art for a purpose and have something come out of it.”

Kuley was selected from a group of NKU students as a co-op at Huff Realty as the marketing graphic design coordinator.

Before coming to Northern Kentucky University, Kuley got an associates degree from the University of Cincinnnati Raymond Walters College in graphic design and had an internship while she was there.

“After I got the job at Huff Realty, I asked them why they chose me and they said it was the experience,” she said. “It wasn’t all about my work.”

Kuley designs the ads for Harmon Homes Ohio and Kentucky and the Buyers Guide. She also designs logos and fliers for Huff Realty.

Kuley is applying into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at NKU. Getting a BFA requires that students apply and complete a review process. Professors from all areas of their department have to accept the applicant as a BFA student. “I want to go for a BFA for the same reason I wanted to co-op – because it’s more prestigious and elite.”

This is Kuley’s third semester at NKU, she is a senior but hasn’t been accepted as a BFA yet. She did her first review last semester but didn’t pass because most of her work was from Raymond Walters. “Not getting in was a slap in the face