‘There is opportunity for anybody’

In the Oct. 4 issue I participated in the Norse Poll. The question was “What do you think about giving extra scholarships to minority students?” I believe that this is particularly a strong issue because it not only effects the population at hand, minorities, but then also the remaining population. So I think it was a good topic to bring up in a poll.

Now, this is in the strictest form my opinion, but I believe the result of this poll was interesting: of the six students responses, mine was the only one that did not believe the need for extra scholarships for minority students. I was quite befuddled by this. Most of the responses were definitely in context and I definitely respect that. But perhaps I took the question in a different context.

So to clarify how I took the question, it said, “what do you think about giving extra (the focus is on the word extra) scholarships to minority students?” To clarify my response, “There shouldn’t be a need for extra scholarships in general,” the point of focus for my response was in general. I believe in the current field of scholarships, there is opportunity for anybody to gain funding for their education, they just have to make the effort to capitalize on those opportunities.

I understand that certain situations don’t always allow for time, but if you were that passionate about gaining a higher education, you would work for it by any means necessary. This may also mean certain sacrifices may have to be made, but if it has the potential of bettering your future it may pay off in the long run.

I also realize that new scholarships are still being created. This in a sense could potentially account for the growing student population and tuition price, but giving extra opportunity for scholarships for any person can be resources better spent else where.

The label of “minority” is there for a reason. It is there for those that do not fit the majority mold. But the fact is, no one has to be accepting of the label they are given. There is unlimited possibility held within each individual.

What I’m saying is, people are only limited to what they allow themselves to. So you need to take advantage of every opportunity that you get to better things. Now if that means using extra minority scholarships if they are offered, then I say more power to you, use them, better yourself, be successful.

Now as long as my words are taken in context they will not be contradicting. What I want is the greater good of every individual. Throw out the label of minority, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, left-handed (there’s scholarships out there for it), etc. Everyone should use what they have available and follow their dreams. The outcome will be beautiful.

Josh Herald sophomore undeclared