Pro-life not same as anti-woman

I am an active member of Northern Right to Life and I found Benjamin Oldham’s words in the Oct. 4 issue (“What about women’s rights?”) to be offensive and ignorant; not only to NRTL, but also to me, a pro-life woman.

Oldham wrote in his letter that there is “a group of women here on campus who is working to turn back the clock on women’s rights.”

Really? Nearly 50 percent of the students involved in NRTL are male.

Oldham makes the argument that pro-life women are somehow anti-women. I am a woman. I am proud to be a woman. I am also proud to have once been a baby in a woman’s womb, the womb of the mother whom I cherish.

NRTL’s mission is to protect the life of the unborn as well as the mother. Our group is involved with pregnancy centers such as New Hope, CareNet, Pregnancy Center East and others.

These facilities help mothers, even a “…poor woman, who works two jobs to make ends meet” who “got pregnant because of rape.” We are there for these mothers no matter what course of action they decide, as these pregnancy centers assist post-abortive women as well.

NRTL sponsors baby showers and supports those same pregnancy centers that offer free counseling, baby diapers, wipes, car seats, cribs and other necessities mothers may need. This also includes babysitting so that they can still work, get an education and be empowered.

Do not tell me that the pro-life cause has lost sight of the women. NRTL loves life and loves women: born and unborn. We are here to let expectant mothers, current mothers, post-abortive mothers and all mothers know that they are loved and not alone.

Marissa Caldwell sophomore elementary education, English