Crossword should come back

Every Wednesday for the last two semesters I have enjoyed eating my lunch and doing the crossword in The Northerner. This is no longer possible because the crossword puzzle has been eliminated from your publication. Now, I know lots of people enjoy Sudoku. I occasionally do it as well.

But the crossword – now that is a puzzle. The crossword has been a constant in newspapers throughout the years, yet you have gotten rid of it?

All I ask is that you please put the crossword puzzle back in The Northerner so that students across campus can enjoy it once again.

Hannah Dringenburg sophomore theatre

The editors respond: Ms. Drigenburg, we appreciate you taking the time to write us a letter expressing how you feel. Without the invaluable input from our fellow students, our paper would never be as great as it is nor have acheived all it has acheived.

As for your question, we used to receive the crossword from a third party, known as a wire service. However, our arrangement with the wire service ended last semester and was not renewed, and our other wire service does not carry the crossword, only Sudoku. Thus, we no longer receive the crossword.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know and for writing in.