Hot Seat: Liz Holmes

Liz Holmes, junior middle hitter on the Northern Kentucky University Volleyball Team, recently became the 11th player in the history of NKU volleyball to record 1,000 kills. She is this week’s guest in the Hot Seat.

Tim: Liz, what kind of training did you do in the off season this year? Liz: I worked out and lifted with the team. I also coached a club team and took a Pilates class as well.

Tim: How do you get ready mentally for a match? Liz: I mostly do all my thinking about the match the night before the game or in the morning. In the locker room before the game, we like to sing and dance and get excited for the game.

Tim: Liz, what do you think about the NKU fans this year? Liz: The fans this year are awesome. We have had more people come to our games to cheer us on and support us. It is a great atmosphere to play in.

Tim: How has Coach Carlos Chia helped you personally during your career at NKU? Liz: He has helped me a lot ever since I started playing for him. Not only has he taught me a lot about volleyball, but he taught me about a good work ethic and working hard in the classroom.

Tim: Liz, you just reached a milestone with the 1,000 kills. What is next for you personally? Do you set any goals for yourself from year to year? Liz: I’m not sure about my next goal. My goal from last year to this year was to become more consistent and cut down on errors throughout the season.

Tim: What road trip do you like the most? The worst? Liz: I like our first road trip of the year because it is usually close to a beach and we play very competitive teams. The worst would have to be Quincy and UMSL because it takes forever to get there.

Tim: Where will this team end up this year in the GLVC? Liz: I hope to finish in the top three. We have a lot of tough games coming up against the teams that are ranked before us. I know we can win so hopefully we will finish in the top three.

Tim: How have the four players from St. Henry District High School helped out the team this year? Liz: All of the players have really good work ethics and work hard at every practice.

Tim: Liz, in your opinion, who has the most vicious serve on NKU for the opponents to dig out? Liz: Honestly, I think that Natalie Forbes or Natalie Starken do because of their float serves. I think it is harder to pass a float serve than a jump serve.