An open letter to NKU

Northern Kentucky University President James Votruba sent out an e-mail regarding the alleged anti-gay vandalism targeting Jeremy Phillippi Oct. 6. Here is his letter.

To the NKU Campus Community:

Over the past several weeks, the University has been investigating a report of incivility and vandalism toward an NKU student in a campus residence hall. The complaint reported the defacement of the student’s residence hall door and a nearby bulletin board with anti-gay and other messages.

As with all complaints of misconduct, the University responded immediately, through our Housing staff and the Department of Public Safety, to investigate the incident. This investigative effort proceeded from the outset in a manner also designed to protect the student’s privacy and personal well-being. Our active investigative efforts have been completed.

Despite our thorough investigation, we have been unable to identify the person or persons who may have committed the reported misconduct. However, because the reported misconduct represents behavior inconsistent with our University’s values, I am writing to send a clear message to our entire University community that reaffirms the importance of civilized behavior toward all individuals and that condemns behavior which threatens the freedom and respect that every individual deserves.

Northern Kentucky University has a strong set of core values that we take very seriously, and we are committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment where all persons are safe, secure, and free from fear or prejudice. We will continue working with students, faculty, staff, and community organizations to this end.

Sincerely, James C. Votruba President of NKU