Free speech shouldn’t be zoned

I thought Northern Kentucky University had a free speech zone. Why is it then that the administration allows Northern Right to Life to display its opinions all over campus in chalk? Yes, chalk erases over time, but I think this is outside the free speech zone, whatever that is.

I personally oppose a free speech zone because I believe that all the United States is a free speech zone.

My concern is that the administration is playing favorites to groups by allowing them to put whatever they want wherever they want. I don’t have a problem with them writing what they want where they want.

I personally oppose abortion and would favor it only in the case of life or death of the mother, so it’s not that it personally offends me. I, however, would not impose my beliefs on another person or support laws regarding what a person can do with his or her body.

My issue is really with the free speech zone. All I ask is to just let the rest of us protest where we want when we want, or stop the graffiti. Again, the NKU administration has showed us its hypocrisy.

Josh Kinman graduate student