Hot Seat: Dan Impellizzeri

Downer, Tim

Dan Impellizzeri, junior defender on the Northern Kentucky University Soccer Team, graduated from Anderson High School in Cincinnati. He is this week’s guest in the Hot Seat.

Downer: Dan, can you explain in two sentences or fewer what a defender is and does on a soccer team? Impellizzeri: Defenders are the backbone of any soccer team. Defense wins games.

Downer: What position did you play in high school soccer? Impellizzeri: Because of my speed, I played forward all throughout high school.

Downer: Dan, you lettered in two other sports, basketball and track, in high school. What made you stick with soccer? Impellizzeri: Soccer was the only sport that I was getting college recognition with and I knew I wanted to continue athletics in college.

Downer: As a defender, what kind of different skills do you need as opposed to a midfielder? Impellizzeri: You need to be good in the air and have good recovery speed.

Downer: On an average game, how many shot attempts do you get? Impellizzeri: As a defender, it’s tough but I get around two shots a game.

Downer: Dan, how do you think this game of soccer will help you in your life’s ambitions? Impellizzeri: As with any collegiate sport, you learn how to manage your time wisely, you become very disciplined and learn how to handle diversity. Downer: What do you think of Coach Bas? Impellizzeri: I’ve known Coach Bas since high school so I think he is a great guy. He has helped me immensely with my soccer career. Downer: What is the one thing you dread about the daily practices? Impellizzeri: Making sure everyone is on time and wearing the same practice gear. Personally, I like practicing.

Downer: Dan, who would you say is the toughest team in the GLVC this year? Impellizzeri: Any team we lose to. No, I would have to say Parkside.

Downer: What do you think about NKU’s chances to win the GLVC? Impellizzeri: One of our team goals is to make it to the championship game. I know if we make it there we’ll have a pretty good chance of winning it.

Downer: How do you psyche yourself up for a game? Impellizzeri: I tell myself that this could be my last game so I better play like it is.

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