Students still detripling

The issues with student housing at Northern Kentucky University are finally beginning to resolve.

According to Matt Brown, director of University Housing, all students living in Country Inn ‘ Suites in Wilder, Ky., since the beginning of the semester were moved into the dorms before Labor Day.

In the women’s dorms, all of the previously tripled rooms have now been changed to double rooms, but the men have yet to be so lucky. Three men are still housed in their residential assistant’s rooms, and 4 to 5 men’s rooms in the University Suites are still tripled.

Brown said they can’t detriple anymore rooms in the University Suites or in Commonwealth and Kentucky halls.

“At this point, we’re out of space in those two buildings,” Brown said.

However room is left in Woodcrest apartments and Norse Hall that may prove to be the final solution for the housing dilemma.