Sorority recruitment hits record high

The numbers of sorority recruits this year at Northern Kentucky University is higher than ever.

In this year’s recruitment 175 women participated and 138 pledged, numbers that not only surpassed past year’s, but were also higher than other nearby Kentucky colleges.

Betty Mulkey, director of Student Life, said “our recruitment was bigger than Eastern Kentucky University, University of Louisville and Morehead and will probably be bigger than University of Cincinnati’s once they start.”

With an average size of 70 women in NKU’s five sorority chapters, the total membership is now 350.

According to Dr. Mark Shanley, vice president of Student Affairs, “a vibrant Greek system is a crucial element in a well-rounded, multi-dimensional program of involvement opportunities outside the classroom.”

“They set the tone for the campus,” Shanley said, “and they contribute to its vitality.”

Kimberly Vance, assistant director of Student Life, feels just as strongly about the importance of Greek life. She said the members of sororities and fraternities are often those in leadership roles on campus.

According to Vance, the students, like those in the Greek system, who make connections with each other encourage academic success, leadership and commitment, “keep people here, (and) help them retain and achieve.”

Along with the positive affects the increase of Greek life may have on the campus, it also poses a problem; lack of space.

“It is hard to find space for meetings,” Vance said. “We are just cramped.”

According to Shanley, lack of space is an issue in general. “It’s part of the growing pains of our campus,” he said.