SGA sets goals for new school year

Improved student access to technology and enhanced academic quality may be in the near future for Northern Kentucky University students.

The Student Government Association set these goals, among others, for the fall 2006 semester.

According to SGA president Josh Ruth, another main goal is to increase the amount of student programming funds to the amount prior to the approximate $61,000 in cuts the fund suffered since 2002.

“An increase in the student programming funds is timely considering the increase in enrollments, residential students, student organizations and inflation,” said Dr. Kent Kelso, Dean of students.

Ruth is “confident in accomplishing all of the goals” the SGA senate laid out at its retreat on Saturday, Aug. 26th. He said that in some cases, for example their goal to renovate the old racquetball courts, it will be considered accomplished if they are able to “get that onto the capital plan of the university.”

A large portion of the goals are devoted to the study of other countries. These goals include increasing the number of interdisciplinary studies that focus on world countries and increasing study abroad opportunities and funding.

“It’s really just about trying to develop more of a focus on our studies across the world,” Ruth said, “we need to develop ourselves as rounded students and a big part of that is culturalizing ourselves with these different aspects of the world.”

According to Kelso, “study abroad and internationalizing the campus is in alignment with the University’s goals.”

The improving student access to technology section includes increasing lab hours, available printers and allotted student prints.

“Student access to technology is achievable and I believe appropriate,” Kelso said. “I believe that there will be a concentrated effort by both SGA and the administration to work collaboratively in accomplishing these goals.”

According to Ruth, this year’s SGA is still a little short on members, with only 24 of the 30 senate seats filled. However, their strong points include the fact that the members they have are “very involved and very eager to take on more responsibility.”