The Fix

Husbands are really just accessories after all. Just ask Ashton Kutcher. The former “That 70’s show” star told Details magazine that he doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to wife Demi Moore’s fashion statements. “I’ll go, ‘Are you wearing brown?’ Then I know that I’ve got to either go for a brown or khaki suit,” the 28-year-old said. “If she’s wearing black, you just wear black. Matching is not her job. It’s yours. You’re the purse.” Think that’s amazing? When Moore, 43, asks Kutcher how her outfit looks, he replies, “How do you feel in it?” There you go guys. Ashton Kutcher, of all people, has provided you with the perfect answer to that age-old tricky question.

Kanye West has finally got himself his own “Gold Digger.” The 29-year-old rapper announced his engagement last week to Los Angeles native Alexis Eggleston Phifer, also 29, Star magazine reports. West got down on one knee while visiting the Italian island of Capri. West will also become Dad to Jordan, Phifer’s 10-year-old son with pro football player Roman Phifer, 38. When Star magazine asked Alexis’ ex-mother-in-law if she thought West would make a good stepfather, Betty Phifer told Star: “I can only hope.”

Actor Brad Pitt, 42, got the chance to say “Ha!” to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston recently when the star ran into singer Billy Idol, 50, in Las Vegas, a source told Star magazine. Pitt heard Idol was in town and made sure to get a picture with him. “Billy was puzzled,” the source said, “until Brad told him that after he and Jennifer Aniston split, he had his hair dyed blonde and Jen joked in an interview, ‘Billy Idol called and wants his look back.” The source said Pitt plans to send the photo to Aniston with a note saying, “Billy called to say he got his look back.” Burn!

More Aniston news from the rumor mill: Star magazine reports that the actress wants an Oscar so bad she’s lobbying Oscar-friendly directors Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard to cast her, a source said. “I think Jen feels that if she can work with any of them, then she has a great chance of getting an Oscar because of their track records.” What brought on this sudden drive for the “golden statue?” The source thinks it could be because of Angelina Jolie, who recently landed a juicy part as the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, a movie likely to get an Oscar-nod.

Quotes of the Week:

“I made him [boyfriend music producer Kerry Brothers] wait a year, because my body is too beautiful to be violated by someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

-Singer Alicia Keys on her precious body

“You think you’re better than me?”

-The infamous Boy George to the media while sweeping trash off the NYC sidewalks as part of his community service sentence for falsely reporting a burglary.