Golf conference moves to spring

The Northern Kentucky University Women’s Golf Team can breathe a sigh of relief this year, because the Great Lakes Valley Conference Tournament will be held in the spring instead of fall. The young and fresh players will be able to bond and get comfortable during their fall season rather than having to deal with so much pressure.

The team graduated three out of their top five players last year, therefore now consisting of two returnees and four freshmen. With making it to the regional tournament last season, the women hope to accomplish it again and go even further.

Senior Bianca Hutton and junior Alicia Lawrence are excited about the schedule change with the conference tournament because it will give the team more time to get comfortable, get to know each other, get plenty of experience and come out strong for the spring season.

Now the men’s and women’s golf tournaments will be held at the same time and they will be able to travel together. This combination also makes the event bigger and better.

Hutton and Lawrence have good spirit, positive attitudes and hope to try their best. They will be taking on the roles of leadership and helping the team achieve their goals. They are hoping to rebuild women’s golf with this new team and starting a whole new era.

Always striving for under par, Hutton said, “I want to qualify for nationals this year. I got my heart set on it. I’m going.”

The fall season has already started for the Norse. They have played in a couple tournaments hosted by Ferris State University and Grand Valley State University. The strength of the different teams varies from year to year. Last season, Drury University, FSU and GVSU where the strongest opponents, but that could change. The Norse hope to do big things this year and start a whole new tradition with women’s golf.