Campus bookstore to open fall 2007

Small, disorganized bookstores will soon become a thing in the past to Northern Kentucky University students as construction recently began to renovate the bookstore to two floors instead of one.

Long lines have been a common occurrence at NKU’s bookstore for years. “The bookstore is always disorganized and the lines are long,” says junior Stephanie Graney.

Campus officials have been trying to remedy this problem for quite some time too. Mary Paula Schuh, Director of Campus Planning, says that planning for the new bookstore began in 1993. However, construction halted until July 2006 due to lacks of funds.

The original thought was to add the bookstore to the new Student Union. However, while planning they found it to be cheaper to renovate the bookstore rather than switch buildings.

According to Steve Neinaber, Director of construction, the new bookstore is going to be 11,300 ft, as compared to the already existing 12,600 ft bookstore. It may look like they are downsizing, but in reality having two floors will actually make the bookstore seem not as small and cluttered.

The lounge area on the plaza level of the University Center that held couches, pool tables, TVs, etc were taken out for construction, and will be later put in the new Student Union. Classrooms in the area were also taken out to make room for the bookstore.

The top floor of the bookstore will consist mainly of retail such as spirit apparel, snacks, toiletries, etc. Cashiers will be located near the entrance on the plaza level.

The bottom floor will consist of textbooks. A stairwell and elevator will be located in the back of the store for people to get down to the bottom floor. No one will be able to enter the bookstore on the bottom floor.

Besides the allotment of space, not many things are going to change with the new bookstore, expected to open Fall 2007. Students will have space allocated for their backpacks near the entrance. Long lines are still expected to form, but not as bad as the current bookstore.

All the current workers in the bookstore will keep their jobs. According to Andy Meeks, Director of Operations, more jobs are even expected to open in the future for students.